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a device installed in retail outlets that warns the employees that niggers have just entered the building and the threat of shoplifting is iminent.
if you hear the schvoogie button 1x it means 1 nigger.2xs 2 niggers, 3 times...
call the police.
by glenn1907 January 31, 2005
Someone who is always praising God but then stabs people in the back or goes against God any chance they get.
This guy goes to church every Sunday but on Monday he is drinking beer at the Horse track and chasing women, this makes him a hypochristian.
#this is a word i invented #so #there is no synonyms #antonyms #or any words similar
by glenn1907 June 30, 2006
to get the blood flowing to the penis without necessarily being in a sexual situation.
My doctor is a hot woman and I needed a testicle exam. Being it was a freezing cold day I needed to chub up before she came in the room.
#testicles #chummy #boner #wood #hardon
by glenn1907 April 01, 2007
Acronym for Cant Read Or Write
We call niggers CROW because they are black and they Cant Read Or Write
#nigger #black #coon #pubic head #brother
by Glenn1907 October 30, 2005
the act of torturing an athlete, famous musician, movie star or other well known types with questions that inevitably have been asked a billion times or more. Especially annoying the person during dinner at a restaurant or some such
I cant believe George gave such a beatdown to Troy Aikman by asking him stupid ass football questions while the man was trying to have a beer at the bar.
#ass whip #beating #dumb ass #whipping #drubbing
by glenn1907 July 13, 2008
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