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Contraction of the words 'hypocrite' and 'Christian'. Any Christian who claims to follow the teaching of Christ but whose belief structure, values and/or actions directly contradict such a claim. Typically, hypochristians support things such as the Death Penalty, engage in heavily in proselytizing and judgement of others whose beliefs differ from theirs. Additionally, they often oppose things that go against their beliefs such as gay marriage, evolution, and other scientific law amidst wide amounts of ethical, scientific, moral, and logical arguements (even within their own supposed claim of beleifs) that would prove otherwise. Hypochristians are best categorized as individuals so stubbornly and fanatically devoted to their beliefs that they border on sheer stupidity.
Jill is one of theose Born Again Hypochristians. She claims she believes in the teaching of Jesus yet she sleeps with every guy she meets.
by chronosis April 17, 2005
A person who's religious beliefs cause then to deny any argument before even listening to it. A person who cannot logically debate religion and instead uses personal attacks and unfounded accusations. One who judges and casts stones at people even though their beliefs teach not to. One who feels they can act in any way and be forgiven for it later because God loves them and they are special.
Hector is a hypochristian.
These guys are a bunch of hypochristians.
by elgringomi September 03, 2010
An individual who is diametrically opposite to the basic foundational teachings of Jesus the founder of the Christian faith. In essence they are a total hypocrite in all aspects of what it means to be a Christian.
Peter: Did you know that church is so hypochristian! They think they have the right to tell others how to live.
John: Isn't that like saying to God, "Hey you aren't doing your job right! I know what's best here"
Peter: Maybe it's an innate desire to be their own autonomous being. A feeble attempt to be their own god.
by The Xenograph June 15, 2011
A person that practices Christianity but goes against all of its teachings by being mean, hurtful and nasty to people.
My sister is such a hypochristian, she just told me I'm poor white trash and will never go anywhere in life while driving to church.
by Attacker March 03, 2010
a false christian; a person who claims to be born-again the Bible way, but are sons of satan, who show this via their satanic hypocrisy and godlessness.
Billy Graham is a good example of a hypochristian; he won't evangelize the pope, because he is a very high level freemason!
by zzz November 18, 2003
all of the above, anda rocking song by kult of the dead rock star
by tranquil_demon September 10, 2003
People who act holier than thou and are just real scumbags. They lie,cheat, steal, and adulterate then go to church on Sunday to make themselves feel better about fucking people over.
Did you know Chris our kids youth pastor had twins last week? Yes I do. I also know he has been fucking the new secretary at work in the break room. Seriously? What a hypochristian!
by Bmfsnatch March 30, 2015

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