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A person who vehemently espouses Christian beliefs or values, but does not practice them.
insert televangelist's name here is a total hypochrist.
by Erik B. Parmeter January 15, 2006
Someone who claims to be a God fearing, born again Christian, yet fails to act like one.
Jesus cuts off all those peoples' heads in that "Left Behind" book. What a hypochrist!
by A R Wilson January 02, 2006
Someone who identifies as a Christian, judges others by it's doctrine, yet doesn't hold themselves to the same standards
Conservative Christian Anti-Gay Republicans who are busted for engaging in homosexual relations are hypochrists.
by Stubbalicious March 18, 2010
A person claiming to be a devout and holy Christian who is quick to pontificate, judge and condemn others for being sinners, who is later caught doing the exact things they were quick to condemn others for.
Josh Duggar is a hypochrist}
by Redmenace Martin May 30, 2015
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