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The opposite of hypocrite. An honest and true person.
A: I'm so sad Bill died.
B: Yeah, Bill was da man. He was a real hypercrite. I'm gonna miss him. *sniff*
by slightly slighted August 28, 2010
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A public or influencial person who publicly professes his or her philosophy or ideology but secretly lives a life contrary to that philosophy. An uber-hypocrite.

President George Bush, Senator Larry Craig, Rush Limbaugh, Reverend Ted Haggert are dyed-in-the-wool hypercrites.
by Kaliuma August 31, 2007
1)a person who is hyper and a hypocrite.
2)a person who is a hypocrite while online.
"she was talking smack about me on AIM last night and i was like jeez what a hypercrite!"
by LoonyLeenie February 29, 2008

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