A term for being a slut, since the element of Hydrogen can bond with every element.
Teacher: Okay class. We're learning about the periodic table. Let's get one point across before we even start. Hydrogen, is like a slut, because it bonds with every element on the table. A slut is a girl who bonds with every single guy she sees.
by TheBlackChun539 February 13, 2010
Top Definition
The first element on the periodic table. Burns with glee when lit, and explodes when lit near oxygen.
That stupid guy lit some hydrogen he mixed with some oxygen.
by Eszett February 27, 2004
the reason that the Hindenberg was a bad idea.
It was all a plot to piss of germany, i think. Bastards

Mr. Jones held a balloon of hydrogen and oxygen over a bunsen burner in chem class. That's why his eyebrows are like that.
by Oscar_the_Muse April 17, 2004
hydrogen is a twatty element. it only has one proton. i mean, what the fuck is up with that? and then it goes and annoys the other elements by latching on to them all the time.
(Lithium to Boron)

"So, who have you bonded with recently?"

(Boron to Lithium)

by i love bj March 31, 2010
An elemental gas with a unique property that, if given enough time, will think about itself.
People should put aside their differences, I mean we were all the same hydrogen to start off with.
by Softbristles October 19, 2012
better than ptm at tfc :D
i wanna be as good as hydrogen at tfc when i grow up
by [no name] April 02, 2003
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