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A witty genius who hates fat chicks, stupidity and bastard kids.
When I grow up, I want to be a HWJ.
by Jenny Derden February 20, 2004
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Is so immature he is jealous of all his surroundings. He also would need to grow up and learn that he can't get to everyone like he wants. He needs to take hold of his actions and learn responsibilities,or he will never have a woman. Because the only woman he will ever know is his blow up doll.
I miss my girfriend Mindy my blow up doll.
by brwn February 21, 2004
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A young, sexually adventurous female who her peers have low respect for. She is a yes man that's open to having multiple partners. HWJ tends to have a small circle of friends, often not by choice.
"Wow I didn't know HWJ was such a freak."
by rrBadderz September 24, 2016
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