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1: v To kill yourself while performing erotic asphyxiation. Ref: Michael Hutchence. 2: n Wanker
1. "Toby pulled a hutcho"
2. "Richard is such a hutcho"
by MeatAxe September 26, 2003
A extraordinarily seedy character with abnormally hairy anus
commonly refer to as a 'seedy hutch'
1. I would so give them a seedy hutch
2. dude your such a hutcho
3. bro 1: he's got more seeds then a pot plant

bro 2: what a hutch!
#hutch #hutcho #seedy #dirty #wtf
by MChappyjack August 18, 2010
A guy
He's a hutcho
by micellaneous October 22, 2003
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