A hustler is an escort boy. Hustlers sell their bodies for money like prostitutes.
what's different between a hustler and a casual prostitute is that a hustler is from a higher rank, he's a kind of "luxury-prostitute". he's independant most of the time, and don't have to share his "wages" with a pimp.
Sometimes he could work in a very renowned escort service.
he barly walks the streets, and he often has the possibility of choosing his customers for he's pretty rich since he asks for high fee. it can be 600 dollars and can reach 2000 dollars in average but for the "best" they can earn 7000 dollars for only one sex-night with only one single customer.
Hustlers take great care of their body. (do sports, eat well). Most of hustlers are passive, but some are versatile.
hustlers are very common in japan, where homosexuality is deeply rooted in mindset. but because of western culture homosexuality is being more and more a hidden social stigma.
in japan male prostitutes are called "host" (pronounce "hosto" in japanese.)

(sorry for my spelling)
This hot twink you can see over there is a hustler. he offers his services only for men.
Besides, I don't think you could afford him.
by Rubie March 29, 2008
Top Definition
someone who knows how to get money from others. selling drugs,rolling dice,pimpin. your hustlin for that money.
1)yo $10 a gram fool.
2)rolled a seven again, now pay me.
3)yo get over to that street corner bitch and make me some money.
by anonymous November 23, 2004
People who are forced to use their Brains to make it in this world.
They outsmart the smart, cunning, and has streetsmarts. They know how to get money and is skilled at doing it to. Also they can be so sly that they can sell you stuff you don't need.
1. Nine To Five Job.
2. Working in A Strip Club
3. Drug Dealers
4. Selling fake Designer Purses in front of stores
5. "I'm a Hustla I can sell Salt To an Slug", verse by Cassidy
by thetrucolobianhustla July 08, 2005
H.U.S.T.L.E.R - How U Survive This Life Everyday, Resourcefully.
"...Everyday I'm hustling (hustler)..."
by Fannie January 31, 2007
A hustler is the way one lives his life. Going out on the streets or wherever making money and working hard for it. A hustler is not lazy he's consistently out earning money. He gets the money by using his smarts and outcunning everyone out there. A hustler has ambition and a more serious approach to life then that of a gangsta or a pimp. Hes more mature, and doesn't neccessarily carry a gun. It can apply to any race, and its the way you uphold and carry yourself.
Eric: Yo 50 cent is a hustler
Jermaine: Definately, not a great rapper but look at the way he hustles those white suburbia kids out of their money
Eric: Damn!
by reeldef5 December 11, 2006
A hustler is a person who works freelance for themselves to make fast money however they can. A hustler's work is usually dishonest and/or illegal. A hustler's work requires the sleight of hand and deceptive skill. A hustler is clever, cunning, smart and quick-witted. A hustler always wins.
Person A: I paid the dude in the 7-11 parking lot $20 for this sack, but I didn't take it out to check on it 'cuz that shit woulda been sketechy...look at this.

Person B: Aw shit, there ain't nothing but cat litter and pocket lint in there. Damn son, you got hustled.

Person A: Hustler.
by Willay Will April 10, 2006
v. - The act of urination, specifically that of a buck-naked female. Also, an exclamation that one makes when walking in on a woman who is voiding her bladder while in a state of undress. This term is a direct result of Hustler Magazine having grossly over-milked their market interest in photographs which depict this act.
1. Dude, I went to use your bathroom a minute ago and your mom was sitting on the john totally nude! I yelled 'HUSTLER' and got the fuck outta there!

2. my alcoholic neighbor stripped off her swimsuit and drizzled a hustler all over my lawn last night. It's cool though, my garden could probably use the nitrogen. Plus we got some photos!
by hecktor dangus July 02, 2009
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