a person who gets money on demand or who can get it with out worry.
I'm a hustler baby ask about me.
by Brickwall April 06, 2008
A porno magazine
I beat off to Hustler
by Jesus June 06, 2003
A male version of a diva, as derived from Beyonce Knowles hit, "Diva".

If a diva is a female version of a hustler, then a hustler can be male version of a diva
"a diva is a female version of a hustler"

by cipher1331 February 12, 2009
someone who cons people to make money
homie, im a hustla. axe about me.
by axeaboutme May 22, 2005
when yer boy spends no time with you no more calls you no more don't sleep no more and is always runnin around sellin all aorts of drugs and makin huge ass bucks FAST.
i havent seen my boy in days he's been hustlin
by huss-el September 01, 2003
Someone who conveys forcibly or hurriedly. Someone who obtains money through energetic activity.
Drug dealer, cd bootlegger, real estate agent, etc. Any self employed individual, legitimate ir illegitimate.
by Chicco May 22, 2005
In my opinion a hustler is someone who never gives up in life keeps hustling through out trials and tribulations.
I'm a hustler till my ass die (tu-pac-who do you luv-loyak to the game)
by Graves March 25, 2005
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