A hustler is a person who works freelance for themselves to make fast money however they can. A hustler's work is usually dishonest and/or illegal. A hustler's work requires the sleight of hand and deceptive skill. A hustler is clever, cunning, smart and quick-witted. A hustler always wins.
Person A: I paid the dude in the 7-11 parking lot $20 for this sack, but I didn't take it out to check on it 'cuz that shit woulda been sketechy...look at this.

Person B: Aw shit, there ain't nothing but cat litter and pocket lint in there. Damn son, you got hustled.

Person A: Hustler.
by Willay Will April 10, 2006
someone who lives to make every dolla outta 15cent-nonstop 24/7
i hustled in my mothas stomach, hustle in tha grave, cause shit i gotta fuckin eat and out here theres money to be made.
by Q. February 15, 2004
Acronym for Haulin' Up Stuff Through Lewd, Enjoyable Rowdiness.
Explains what a H.U.S.T.L.E.R is really about.
by TenInchPlaya November 17, 2006
Some1 who struggled as they were growing up. Usually some1 who grew up in the ghettos and had to sell drugs to get paid
Noreaga is a tru hustler
by Melvin_flynt_da hustla November 13, 2003
one who has money and usullay sells drugs or a pimp..........
man hes a fast azz hustler
by lil quzzie April 16, 2003
a hustler is like someone who is bonafide know what they r talking about a hustler has ambition
if you have a few you gotta do if u wanna make it out in this mad world be beware listen 2 tupac biggie snoop dogg
ice cube get and read a book read malcome x he used vilonece as a weapon thats what u gotta do to be a hustler then soon u keep up ya A game and youll he crowned a ultimate hustla
by plawizze November 27, 2005
The area were someone accels and uses it 2 scam other for large amounts of money
Yo Simm huslted lavilla at classic billiards last week
by Cassidy April 05, 2005
the name of our shitty basketball team thats like 0-7
the hustlers sucked our balls today. thats probably what the ballas say after we lose to them!!
by hey what r u eating April 08, 2005
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