a hustler is a "ueber"-pimp...
he is the chef of all da pimps!
"C'mon let's do sum hustlershit!"
by mc killawallrus November 05, 2003
rite if a guy tinks e is a hustler dat means e tinks e is pimpin it, well nooo, e may b pimpin it but e aint pimpin nuttin worth pimpin get me.
a hustler tinks e is da man, but at da end of da day a hustler only hustles hussies, a hustler will neva hustle a desent girl!!!
by Cherry xXx September 17, 2005
a hustler is a person that hustles regardles of height, gender, economic status,ethnicity,in other words for some mothatfuckas that dont understand,a person regardless of where hes from or where he's at in any given moment can hustle anyone for anything.theres white,black,latino,asian,...not only a hoddlum hustles.example george bush is a hustler.network marketing is a hustle.donald trump is a hustler.and so on.prostitutes hustle.drug dealers hustle.many types of hustle.
when you walk down an inner city street and you see hookers standing,theres hustler prostitutes and tired prostitudes.the hustler one dances trys to grab your hand or strikes a good conversation,shes enthusiastic.the tired pro does non.hustler not a hustler.
by abraham molina March 23, 2005
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