1.a nigga or niggette(female nigga) who steady on the grind tryna to and gettin that paper.

2. a dealer of illegal substances

3. a nigga like me that don't like the government interferin' with me chasin the paper train

4. a rapper
1.(guy 1 on tha corner) I got what u need dog
(guy 2) yea, exactly what i need, a hustla

4RicRoss:Everyday I'm hustlin Lil' Wayne:Hustla Musik
Cassidy: I'm a Hustla Juvenile: Get Your hustle on
you get the idea
Top Definition
A hustla is someone skilled at turning a profit no matter what the enterprise.
Master P (Percy Miller) is a hustla, he turns a profit in a lot of different businesses.
by Andrew Nicely March 31, 2004
Commonly used by rappers to describe a drug dealer, but it's also a street term used for pimps or anyone who makes money illegally on the streets, it can also just mean your getting a lot of money doin what you do best.
Im a hustla homey, you better ask about me.
by Lumpy Baby December 16, 2005
someone who lives to make every dolla outta 15cent-nonstop 24/7
if i'm stavin im robbing, eatin then reachin, livin still driven ,gettin dough is what i live foe .me and money grew up together, both of us got big faces ,immai a hustla nuggah aint shit gonna change this.
by Q. February 15, 2004
Someone Always looking for a way to get more money
Alex & Tanner are hustlas!
by Alexravs July 12, 2006
the male version of a diva.
hustla's gittin money, if you aint gittin money, den you aint got nothin fo me.
by money421 January 01, 2010
A straight up gangsta thug who's focus is on makin that paper. He gets all the women and is a total baller.
See that hustla over there lookin good and makin all that money?
by levirockssss April 11, 2011
Gangstaz, rapperz, thugz, and every 1 from d hood reverz to dealers as Hustlas, so a Hustla is basicly a drug dealer.
person 1 - Yo mang ima hustla u need som shi?
person 2 - ye homie i need an eighth of ya finest dro
by A-BombeD July 22, 2006
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