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1) future husband,
2) desired eye-candy,
3) one nice piece of ace.
4) opposite of wifey
"He don't know it yet, but that's husby right thurr."
"Yeeeah gurl, I'm gonna git husby's number."
by Selena, Tia, Jennifer, and Erin January 06, 2006
Not quite married yet, but definitely husband material
My Husby is so sweet, he sent me me some flowers today because he was thinking of me
by Mr. Rightnow January 31, 2010
A Husby is the act of making an enormous Bowel movement that usually takes anywhere from 1-6 hours to complete. People who partake in a Husby usually do so following a victory, just like the late legend for whom it takes it namesake always did.
Holy crap! I've been prairie doggin' a Husby all afternoon!
by The B'y August 08, 2011
One who takes out lightpoles at famed speedways while trying to finish the race quicker because he has to poop. He often puts very good meaning to the word "DERP" as he often forgets his own name while prank calling local pizza places asking for the famed Turducken Pizza.

His inner retard by itself affect Corvette sales, very negatively. Will never walk up to a woman and say "Hey bitch!" without being slapped.

Son of Multiple-time Daytona 500 Champion Mike Husby Sr. who died tragically.
"I have to go take a Pete and wipe my Husby!"
by Parker Niggerman August 23, 2011
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