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someone you marry whether it is a man or woman
my hubby is now my hubby husband
by I AM ME ME IS I October 21, 2011
26 50
a male who hates to love you and loves to hate you.
by maria fernandez August 18, 2003
122 251
Your girls' name for your boy friend.
You need to get your husband.
by mandi18201 November 16, 2006
53 189
a man who wants to rule your world , tell you what to think when to think it , he also will dirty up more dishes , clothes , and the house in general thus adding 75 % more to your work load. he expects you to work a job outside the home and then work at home half the nite while he watches t.v then at bedtime he expects you to turn into sex kitten. In short he is about useless.
just an a burden that you really dont need what with all the newest sex toys out there >>> you can replace him with no problem yea ha!!!!!
by gwyn hart February 22, 2005
200 341
Adjective-Synonymous with Kleenex tissue:
Strong and disposable.
Man, that dildo was husband.
by Srihari November 27, 2004
83 226
a meal ticket, a female tends to use him for his money...
so are we going shopping? oh i need to talk to my husband first
by supercalifragialisticexpealidcous October 05, 2004
67 211
lazy, selfish and prefers porn as its less emotional
a reason why vibrators were invented
by Little Bitch April 24, 2004
159 314