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painful, causing minor pain. Used once by Ralph Wiggum.
"It's all cold and hurty"
by Justine January 22, 2004
The feeling a sadist feels when they want to hurt someone.
Man, have you seen that cute submissive girl over there, she makes me feel so hurty.
by uhegl September 24, 2013
Bubba talk for when something hurts.
WAAAAH, don't poke my eyeball! that's hurty!!
by Mandy Moo June 04, 2004
When your in so much pain and you can't remember how to spell the correct word.
I got punched in the rib today it Hurty.
by Hollie.o January 14, 2015
When something really hurts.
I fell down and twisted my ankle and now it is hurty
by Gingerbr3ad February 19, 2011
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