1. Battle Cry

2. Laugh

3. Just A thing cool people do
1a. The the greater Hurr!!
1b. HurrHurrHurrHurrHurrHurrHurr

2. HurrHurrHurrHurrHurr

3. Michael F. started HurrHurrHurrHurr
by RoffleChoppers n' Lawlipops November 07, 2006
Ghetto way of syin hair
gurl i gotta go get my hurr done
by Jazmine December 12, 2003
A snooty scene-kid way of saying hair. It's usually followed by twenty pictures of their Beatle-esqu haircut and their photoshopped face.
"I got a hurrrr cut! Now I look like my boyfriend, here are pictures!"
by Manhattan Project May 01, 2005

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