An asian, vietnamese girl who likes food. A kind of person who hates people who makes cheap threats on the internet anonymously.

Dislikes little bitches that have nothing better to do than diss her over the internet.

Likes to read, eat, sleep and chat to friends.

Doesn't have a mountain on her head and doesn't really care if people think her hair is ugly, or if she has no boobs.

She hates liars who make cheap threats saying she's going to get jumped when in reality no one has jumped her yet.
bill : those cheap threats to huong are LOL
bob : i know ha?
by ifyoouwantmecomegetme June 28, 2009
Top Definition
a really cool person, popular with friends.Likes to go on myspace & bebo,is asian, is a pimp,one of the best people you will ever meet.

creative, fun to hang around.
boy: omg did you see that huong?, she's so cool

boy2 : yeah i know!
by nwexrctfyuhj August 15, 2008
"Frangrance" and "Scent"

...the scent of all Huong's is mesmerising.

Huong's: are awesomely hot chicks, are the best at what they do. They are also wonderfully attractive...(very true though, go and checkout on all those social networks and you will agree.)

A VERY common name in Vietnam, because we Vietnamese people are not very creative with names. And Huong seems to be the easiest to remember.

Statistically 1 in every 2 families in Vietnam will have a "Huong" in the family. And looking at the population that is a lot of "Huong's". ( Statistics not proven but believable) LOL.
Stand in a large crowd of Vietnamese people and call out "Huong" and at least 60% of that crowd will turn around and answer.."What?"...LOL

Huong Mua He-Summer Scent (Korean Movie)
by zzpinkpig July 09, 2009
An asian girl who takes myspace pictures of herself like a yeti. They has ridiculously long hair and is totally scene.
They also wear low cut shirts to show off some clevage.
pronounced as "Who Ong"
" Dude! Did you see that huong on myspace?"
by Garnier Shipping February 01, 2007
Houng a girl with a mountain on her head. Ugliest Girl at school and is the stupidest too. Loud mouth and never shuts up, causes drama and tries to fit in. No one wants her but yet she's there. Too much makeup. Acts like she got ass and boobs but has none at all. Mouth is bigger than the size of a honeycomb. People would call her a slut or a whore but she's to ugly to be one. Isn't a princess or queen or anytype of reality but wants to be one. Soon will get her ass jumped. Stuffs daily is what she's best at doing. Hey, she might look better with plastic surgery. (:
Bill:What's as big as an elephant but as light as a feather?
John: What?
Bill:Huong's Hair!
by YourBitchIsWantedByMany March 27, 2009

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