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synonymous to a really really hot asian chick.
dude, check out that giang
by Sunshine543534 August 11, 2009
1. (verb) The act of finding exploits sploitz in a operating system. Specifically the Lindows operating system

2. (slang) A newbie like act in a technical environment
1. I can't wait for Lindows 5.0 to come out so I can try to giang it

2. Holy crap, who giang'd that server?
by Haxor Jim Duggan June 21, 2005
A person who is completely obsessed with finding exploits in the Lindows operating system
"A new version of Lindows just came out, I can't wait to Giang it"
by Haxor Jim Duggan June 27, 2005
1) verb, To fail at a task in such a way that the next heighest score is more than twice yours.
2) noun, (compliments of the Disabler), a failure of epic proportions that elicits enough depression to feign away from trying hard enough to succeed in the future, but not enough to feign away from failing once and again.
"How did you do on that test?"
"Dude, i just gianged that test"
by TANGO TIME November 06, 2008
a name commonly associated with people who have haircuts that resemble helmets; creatures that wear things on their heads, a species in Perth - Western Australia that is both attractive and strangely repulsive and unfashionable.
a 'Giang' person - members of the rock and roll movements during the 70s with helmet style haircuts. Creatures from Bayswater, Perth.
by Viet Dictionary May 02, 2008
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