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Houng a girl with a mountain on her head. Ugliest Girl at school and is the stupidest too. Loud mouth and never shuts up, causes drama and tries to fit in. No one wants her but yet she's there. Too much makeup. Acts like she got ass and boobs but has none at all. Mouth is bigger than the size of a honeycomb. People would call her a slut or a whore but she's to ugly to be one. Isn't a princess or queen or anytype of reality but wants to be one. Soon will get her ass jumped. Stuffs daily is what she's best at doing. Hey, she might look better with plastic surgery. (:
Bill:What's as big as an elephant but as light as a feather?
John: What?
Bill:Houng's Hair!
by YourBitchIsWanted March 27, 2009

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