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the act of leaving crack in a public place for the client to discretely find.
Man i hunkered your crack in the public library.
by Uniqua Sander June 18, 2007
9 9
my hunker....my hunkie hunk hunker....
Hey hunker....i love you
by Ian75 August 30, 2010
5 8
wen a drug deala hides crack in a popular area fo the junkie to get and use
Yo, man, i saw a dealer hunkering in Central Park let's go get the stuff.
by Manuel Rodriguez June 18, 2007
4 9
someone who settles at a bar mumbling (if any talking) drinking, smoking, and hardly moving.
that guy has been hunkering before happy hour... it's almost last call.
by Morder September 03, 2003
1 15