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When your even more hungry then usual
so hungry that you cant use the word hungry to describe your insatiable hungriness. The word hungi is the perfect substitute for such a state of hungerness.
Aidan: Hey Aaron man i havent eaten anything at all today Im so damn hungi.
Aaron: Woohh you really must be hungry seeing as how you said hungi rather then hungry.
Aidan: Well wadda ya know i guess i am extremely hungry
by aidanasdfa November 02, 2009
To be hungry
me so hungi - homer
by Gumba Gumba March 19, 2004
hungis maybe used to describe a person's genitals and how hung they are.
mary: "wow daniel you look very hungis today!"

daniel: "i know, i should not of worn these tight pants today"
by hungaussieguy July 11, 2011