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a word that some males in Kentucky use when talking to ALL women; a sure bet to let all know he is interested in everything.
At the gas station: "Hey hun, thanks for filling up my truck." On the phone: "Can you tell me my balance?....Thanks hun."
by Jennie211 September 21, 2007
7 15
A term often mistakenly used to describe supporters of Rangers Football Club in Scotland. In actual fact, the term was originally, and until fairly recently used in relation to their city rivals, Celtc Football Club. This reference came about as a result of the club and many of it's fans expressing sympathy with the Nazi regime during World War II, even going so far as to fly the Nazi swastika flag over their home ground, Porkheid. This original meaning has been diluted over time, and being world renowned for stealing the ideas of others, Celtc Football Club adopted the term in reference to their rivals Rangers.
Brendan: "Stupid Hun B*stard!"
Wullie: "If you know your history, you thick rattler!"
by jsiss July 28, 2010
10 25
Another name for a German
by John Novotny May 25, 2003
44 63
dont talk to him he's an ignorant hun
by kl October 09, 2003
17 42
(noun) 1. A person who does NOT pass the ball in basketball whatever the circumstances may be(double team, triple team, inbounding, 3 on 1 fast break).

2. A person who demands the ball in all facets of the game so that they may shoot it at any time, anywhere.
"Yo pass me the f-cking ball, you're such a hun!!"

"That fucking hun is always calling for the ball."
by William Chan January 08, 2004
19 45
A derogatory name for a black person.
"Malcolm X is thought by many southerners to be a stupid hun."
by Gangster Nation April 21, 2008
2 30