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""The Only Page You Need To Book Mark"" if this page does not get you runnin low on pairs of socks then there is something wrong with your mother
Tom:I can't pitch today
Gump:why not?
Tom:I looked at The Hun all last night
by Haryazz December 10, 2003
The funniest on stage performance you will ever see.Chicago Il
"Tears came out because it hurt to laugh anymore"
by Haryazz December 10, 2003
A beautiful gift that you are only given one chance to do your best at. Nothing is better than it.
I'm Sorry, you should ask for deletion of this because it is inacurate and disturbing. If your happy its because your doing something wrong
by Haryazz December 10, 2003
This is the countercessor Shit-Puke this not only smells as bad but now you have to taste it.
"I thought i should get this taco hell out of my system before we go out, but i guess i pushed to hard cause it came out my mouth"
by Haryazz December 12, 2003
An inffection in the butt.
Tod:Why does your mom walk so funny?
Tina:She used my dill doe
Tod:O, so she got the gaphies that i gave u huh.
by Haryazz December 15, 2003
When because of out partying till the early sunrise you decide to releave yourself by leaning out your friends window and puking on the street, but instead puke out your ass.
"I never Shit-puke before, but once i puked-shit"
by Haryazz December 12, 2003
One of the baddest fukin bands ever that came straight from chicago. With their crazy lyrics and unorthodox beats thees guys were the most original thing since jerkin off with you opposite hand with grape jelly.
Mike:"Damn, what happend to your face?"
Mark:"I saw RedRiver last night, '35 degrees 35 degrees du du du du du du, du du du du du du, are you little bitches ready? BLAEHH"
by Haryazz December 10, 2003

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