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The greatest band of all time. They have much more talent than 90 percent of bands today.
heard of those chili peppers, best band ever
by milkshake March 26, 2005
the largest city in texas, and the funkiest city in all the land.
you hate texas? thats mainly cause you live in dallas with those faggots, and bitches, I feel sorry for you. get your ass down to the texas coast or anywhere outside dallas or collin county
by milkshake January 20, 2005
A fierce barbarian tribe that sacked almost sacked the city of rome when lead by Attila the Hun (the scourge of god) leaving most of the western empire almost completely destroyed. However mysteriously the hun were turned back by the pope and never seen again.
Those damn huns burned down my villa and raped my wife!
by milkshake March 26, 2005
The greatest townie on the face of the earth. A true genius and supastar!
Damn that Ali G is enlightining
by milkshake March 26, 2005
The New Mexican saying derived from "carpe diem". Carpe manana in english is "seize tommarow" expressing the states laid back attitude.
I take it slow for my motto is carpe manana.
by milkshake March 26, 2005
A horrible channel that puts out crappy 3:00 pop songs and calls it music. Has effectively destroyed much of americas youth. The only good show they have ever had or ever will have is wildboys.
Everyone I know has became a wigger, Mtv must be stopped!!!

by milkshake March 26, 2005
To express exclamation. As versitile as the word fuck. The greatest, most ghetto-flexible word. Especially describes surprise or annoyance.
What the wayon? (WTW)
(General Usage)

Wayon-- keep your wenis in your pants. (Female usage)

Wayon, this wig wont let up.
(Female/Male usage)

After slapin my dick in her face, she gave me the "wayon baby".
(Male usage)
by milkshake October 08, 2004

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