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Noun. A low-grade bordello; a cheap whorehouse.
"Within two years of first kissing the crack pipe, Carla went from a high-priced call girl to a Times Square humpty dump before peddling her ass out on the street. Now, she dead."
by Twathenge April 10, 2006
136 12
the name of the first dump you take after someone cums in your ass
I just took the runniest humpty dump
by techstep April 03, 2006
121 32
Nickname Given to the Metrodome, the major sports venue in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
We're the Minnesota Vikings and we're just a pile of junk, we play in a dome they call the Humpty-Dump.
by JonathanChance October 01, 2003
30 13
A non-committal, yet derogatory name for any particular ethnic group or person of that group who happens to be standing within earshot.
"Whenever a Humpty Dump pays by credit card, it usually turns out to be stolen.
by Deborah Robins June 23, 2006
13 16