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the name of the first dump you take after someone cums in your ass
I just took the runniest humpty dump
by techstep April 03, 2006
Nickname Given to the Metrodome, the major sports venue in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
We're the Minnesota Vikings and we're just a pile of junk, we play in a dome they call the Humpty-Dump.
by JonathanChance October 01, 2003
Noun. A low-grade bordello; a cheap whorehouse.
"Within two years of first kissing the crack pipe, Carla went from a high-priced call girl to a Times Square humpty dump before peddling her ass out on the street. Now, she dead."
by Twathenge April 10, 2006
A non-committal, yet derogatory name for any particular ethnic group or person of that group who happens to be standing within earshot.
"Whenever a Humpty Dump pays by credit card, it usually turns out to be stolen.
by Deborah Robins June 23, 2006