When your plowing a girl from behind, and you cum in her ass, an she then puts her ass over your face, and shits it in your face.
Dude last nite I got it with that new French girl, and after i came in her ass she shit it out in my face!! she gave me the good old hump and dump!
by B.N February 07, 2008
Top Definition
having sex with a girl then totally ignoring her
i hump and dump the girls that talk to much
by mdav23 March 03, 2005
The art of dating "chasing" a woman to the
Point when she falls for you, then you sleep
Together and you stop calling her , and just be a total asshole.
Tom- hey jeff what happend to Jen?
Jeff- oh dude she was a hump and dump LOL
Tom- sweet
by CLG143 August 09, 2008
When you are dating a chick and know its going down hill so you bang her and then dump her the next day.
"Are you and that chick breakin up soon?"

"Yeah I think Imma hump and dump her."
by Tilly4 January 20, 2010
When a male finds a partner (usually a cheap hooker) and takes them to a motel/hotel and rents a room on the top floor. They proceed to have sex, and during sex, the man secretly inches over towards the window while still having sex. He then places the girl belly down in the open window frame and does her "doggystyle". When he is ready to finish, he speeds up, splooges, then quickly pushes her out the window. It is favored by many because it allows you to finish inside your partner and not have to pay a single penny, but do this act with caution, as it IS MURDER.
Bob: "Dude did you hear that Bill accidentally Hump and Dumped Janet?"

Jim: "Yeah, that sucks! They were going to get married!"
by theworldofasians August 17, 2010
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