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To "hump the dump" is to literally have sex with human or animal feces. In laymen's terms: fuck a turd. It's not performed often and can be considered to be either a sign of idiocy or of extreme love (as in humping your partner's dumpling...). It can be conjugated, however, "dump" must be changed to rhyme to it, or it will mean something different (see example 2). It can however also be related to dave's mum (see example 3). This action can bring pleasure to both sexes:
Male: Inserts erect penis into the dump
Female: Inserts dump into vagina
It is not very popular in Europe, Asia, Oceania and America, however, was performed frequently by both sexes of tribes of the lower Niger around the 1800-2000.
Eugene: Hey Chris, how was your night with Katie?
Chris: Awesome, I humped her dump!
Eugene: High Five bro!

2) Differences when conjugated:
a. I am humping the dump - only an idiot would say that, doesn't create the same effect without the rhyme.
b. I am humping the dumpling - If you thought of this before reading this, you have my respect.
In conclusion, a sucks, b rocks...

Larry: Ever heard of Dave's Mum?
Barry: Yeah, I humped her dump!
Gary: Hell, I had a gangbang dump-hump with her!
Larry: Gross...

4) Hump the dump is a good way to make shit useful!
by Frostie_Bandit June 15, 2008
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