Isis is awesome. hypocracy coincides with being humble.
Isis is humble according to this definition.
by Isis_badass August 31, 2007
When one wishes to hum and mumble at the same time. Only gifted people can do this. Others are just unco.
humble is unexamplable. is a skill that only gifted people have.
by Anonmanomous May 23, 2007
1.To to anally penetrate someone without permission

2.To humiliate and/or outclass someone at some form of competition
1. "Yo man, that bitch done got a bone dry humblin'"

2 "Wow, beaten 12-0. You just got humbled dude"
by tildebang January 17, 2008
To be tripping on acid and love the restaurant "Hirams."
That Justin is so humble. He really loves to do acid after eating cheeseburgers.
by Darrell Lund September 05, 2007
A word people use to mask the fact that they really are an arrogant prick.
David claims he is humble, but he really is egotistical.
by Greetard May 04, 2006
adj. something pleasing to the senses; something done in a sneaky manner
1) Yo, that bitch is humble.
2) I fucked his girl on the humble.
by :-) October 24, 2003

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