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the epitome of everything as we know it. its a general term for anything and everything we do. Also it is refered to anything sexual, like a term or an action like having sex.
also in general conversation. also a term of acknowledgement.
person #1: "hey do you want to huehhh??"
person #2: "yeah! the front or back?"

person #1: "HUEH?"
person #2: "HUEHHHHH!!!"
by sweet tits alr June 06, 2009
hueh. is what you say when you really don't think something was funny, and you wish to make this known. Like heh, but with a little more bite.
<person1> Well that was pretty funny when you were caught by person3
<person1> Haha :)
<person2> hueh.
by burstroc October 20, 2006
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