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One of the many incorrect and exceedingly stupid ways to spell the word douche.
If "deusch" is the way you spell "douche", you're both.

Die, idiot.
by burstroc September 15, 2006
Post, as on an image board such as 4chan.
will proast moar tomorrow
by burstroc March 24, 2007
Slang for "urinate".
brb i have to irrigate
by burstroc April 16, 2006
hueh. is what you say when you really don't think something was funny, and you wish to make this known. Like heh, but with a little more bite.
<person1> Well that was pretty funny when you were caught by person3
<person1> Haha :)
<person2> hueh.
by burstroc October 20, 2006

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