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when one guy sticks his junk between ones legs and looks like a female genatala.
"gfdythgfjhrfyj hjfyugyutiuguk uiguiojkgui"
by fuckstick February 03, 2005
not very bright, but can lift heavy objects. an oaf.
Smooth move, Herculips.
by fuckstick October 11, 2003
1) something that is so cool it makes you want to kick your mother in the face
2) action that is not bitter
1) Man, Strawberry Short Cake, Rainbow Bright, and My Little Pony action figures are sweet action
by Fuckstick January 28, 2003
1) a notch that is the highest in a row or column of notches
2) slang. an item, person or idea that is so much better than everything else that it is ridiculous.
"Just hang that on the top notch"
"These cheese fries are top notch"
by Fuckstick January 28, 2003
1) to miss work frequently, making your peers workload greater
a) Man, like five people netting'd today and I have to do 17 TPS reports
by fuckstick September 25, 2003
1) sideburns made popular in the earlly 2000's by a serial rapist
2) slang for a polish immigrant
NOTE: often misspelled czyzyzyzyyzyzy or cszyzzzzsssszzzzz.
"Wow, sporting the czysz. I didn't even know you could grow sideburns"
"An american, a mexican and a czysz walk into a bar . . ."
by Fuckstick January 28, 2003
1) a short, lazy, smelly girl

2) one who has to use hair straightener and has a club foot
a) Don't be such a huddle. Get taller, do something, and for god's sake, wear some deoderant

b) man, use something on that hair huddle. And get that club foot checked out
by fuckstick August 26, 2003

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