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A cute word play on the word hubby. Can be used with long-term boyfriend, partner, etc.
Aw babe, you're the best hubster ever!
by NaughtyJenn August 16, 2009
Nickname derived from hubby however it marks a significant difference from it. This is a man that is not only a husband to a woman but he is a companion. Someone that loves his wife completely and utterly. He understands her in every situation and makes any and all the effort to make her happy. He is truly a best friend, he is that one person whom she finds comfort in and can tell anything to. Not only does he pertain to all these qualities but he is also kind, sweet, loving, and a completely honest person. He is a one of a kind man that all girls want to have, but when he chooses that one girl for him, it is all he can think about. He is truly the best husband a woman can have.
I love my hubster because he is like no other man I have ever met.
by Dorkette22ILUANF September 26, 2013
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