A British make of gum which has a variety of flavors.
Guy - Where do you work?
Guy #2 - The Hubba Bubba factory
by The Koaladude September 09, 2005
hubba bubba is a type of bubble gum made in large chunks, ment to keep its flavour for 2 hours, but it is mostly sold at little street and corner shops made for kids and teenagers.
hubba bubba coca cola
by hubbabubbachewer July 07, 2011
L. Ron Hubbard's crazy ass, nickname for the bottom of the founder of the cult of Scientology.
No way, blow joe, you're whack as hubba bubba!
by Poopcunt July 10, 2008
It describes a persons popularity, like the Hubba Bubba gum, good at first but after a while looses its flavor.
Miley Cyrus is sooooo Hubba Bubba
by LE_DEMI_FENICE May 29, 2009
cute slang for Husband.
I called my sister-in law to speak to my brother and said, "Hi Sis, can I speak to your Hubba Bubba?"
by Tony E June 16, 2006
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