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A British make of gum which has a variety of flavors.
Guy - Where do you work?
Guy #2 - The Hubba Bubba factory
by The Koaladude September 09, 2005
51 32
sexual approval
Tom sees a sexy lady walk past
Tom: "Ooh hubba bubba"
by happybunny91 February 28, 2011
32 19
hubba bubba is a type of bubble gum made in large chunks, ment to keep its flavour for 2 hours, but it is mostly sold at little street and corner shops made for kids and teenagers.
hubba bubba coca cola
by hubbabubbachewer July 07, 2011
17 6
L. Ron Hubbard's crazy ass, nickname for the bottom of the founder of the cult of Scientology.
No way, blow joe, you're whack as hubba bubba!
by Poopcunt July 10, 2008
2 1
It describes a persons popularity, like the Hubba Bubba gum, good at first but after a while looses its flavor.
Miley Cyrus is sooooo Hubba Bubba
by LE_DEMI_FENICE May 29, 2009
19 23
used as slang for gum.
hey friend, can i have a piece of hubba bubba?
by CarlTheShanker November 05, 2003
12 31
cute slang for Husband.
I called my sister-in law to speak to my brother and said, "Hi Sis, can I speak to your Hubba Bubba?"
by Tony E June 16, 2006
10 41