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HowToBasic is a tutorial YouTube channel featuring instructional videos on how to complete basic tasks. Although a handful of these videos actually complete a task, most of them are parodies of standard tutorial videos featuring over-the-top actions that often will involve smashing ingredients, especially eggs, creating large messes.
That dish looks like something HowToBasic would've been proud of. *barfs*
by LeProbe February 01, 2014
The act of decption, a term for misleading a user on YouTube into something that they believe will be useful instructions. Contains usually a generic thumbnail that will trick you into thinking it is a normal video. As you watch horror will reach your poor eyes as a grown man jiggles his thighs and smashes eggs and random non-living objects and scars them for life. In the end you will be laughing but little do you know. You just gave half of your life to a creepy egg smashing 47 year old creep.
Oh great it's howtobasic. Please dont fist that dead chicken.
by swagmaster800e May 31, 2014
Derived from the popular and viral Youtube channel of the same name, the HowToBasic is a sex act in which you ejaculate on a woman's face and then smash and smear raw eggs all over her.
That hooker had to charge me double after I gave her the HowToBasic, but man it was an utterly egg-static experience!
by Terminus_Est April 16, 2014

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