a wannabe local
First you steal my land then you rape my wife then you enslave my children and then you kill all the pigs and now you trying to steal my fucking coconuts!
by Abay & KD February 20, 2004
Top Definition
it's spelt HAOLE not howly. only people in hawaii can relate
by Anonymous August 05, 2003
A non-derogatory term meaning white person. Often used in Hawaii.
The howly and I used to play racquetball together when we were in our fifties.
by Bungalow Bill December 24, 2001
a pale ass white dude in hawaii trying to fit in
HA! The howlie forgot to take off his camera before getting in the water!
by hm... bite me May 01, 2003
Continental US spelling of a Hawaiian surf-slang word meaning "wannabe"
You can't be in our gang just cuz you dress like us, you HOWLY.
by Mike Perri May 21, 2004
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