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Getting off by smelling someone's genitals. Can be done on a male or a female.
Esméralda: I thought he was going to eat me out, but then he just kind of stayed down there sniffing my pussy and not doing anything else. He got off sniffing me.
Sarah: Lame.
Esméralda: Yeah, totally. He called it "hound dogging" or something.
by bdawgy April 25, 2010
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When someone "rides your nuts", is a nuisance, etc.
Can be used to describe fan boys, haters, paparazzi, etc.
"I use to love all of the fame until the paparazzi started hound dogging me everywhere I went."
"I was at the store and this one employee kept hound dogging me"
by MindOfTheMantis April 07, 2015
The act of banging a girl from behind, and then torpedoing her ass with one swift thrust, then making her yell like a hound dog
Sue sure hit that high note when I was hound dogging her
by Freddy Lloyd November 17, 2007

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