noun, often preceded by "the"

an event, situation, or circumstance that is so unexpected and out of the ordinary that it causes a problem or otherwise uncomfortable environment for which no solution or recourse is readily available or obvious

an event, situation, or circumstance brought about by or made worse by incomprehensible ineptitude
I was hoping for a quiet vacation with my girlfriend, but the hotness found me when I ran into both my wives and my parole officer there.

It was bad enough when the university's e-mail server went down, but they really brought the hotness when the e-mailed everyone telling them that fact.
by nopain00 March 02, 2005
Hotness = Merith from WoKF. :P

(Sexual attractivness to a certain individual, usually someone with a good looking face and body)
Sarry: Merith, damn you're hot.


Your hotness amazes me.
by Merith August 27, 2008
A conjugation of the word "hot" so that it can take on a different usage
"I'm impressed by your hotness."
by onestanza April 09, 2004

the state of being hot
after one has been running for a bus, or are in a club where the condensation drips from the walls, you may exclaim, "Phew, hotness!"
by angelina ballerina December 16, 2003
Used when peticulary excited about an occasion/event/object.

Spicy replacement for, "the shit"
Dude, that shit is the hotness.

Daaymmn man. This weekend was the hotness!!!
by obsik April 02, 2003
A male or female who is really physically attractive.
Johnny Depp has the qualities of amazing acting, hotness, and the traits of a comedian.
by Analucia Josephine Phyliss February 04, 2010
I swear the hottest girl out.
Lauren is the total hotness
by hellahotnesstothamax March 03, 2007

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