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Formal title given to a male or female who is sexy, well-dressed and has much charisma
(to a lady entering the club) "Woo, make way for your hotness, coming through!
(gazing as P Diddy goes by) Oh yes, that's hotness right there for you.
by 2ndcitykitty September 22, 2003
A woman, typically African-American who has lots of curves in all the right places. One who is neither fat or skinny. She has pounding thighs and calves and has a full bosom. Because of this, she makes the opposite sex wag their tongues.
I don't eat rabbit food but I do my daily squats and walk around in a throw back skirt and a hanky-top... havin' all the sistah's hatin'and all the brotha's contemplatin', 'cause baby, I'm thick-a-licious.
by 2ndcitykitty September 22, 2003

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