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80's term for an illegal cable descrambling device
check it out man i got a hot box now i can watch all the pay per view channels for free
by Ken Donch May 13, 2006
a hot box is a stolen car that is took from someone else.
Shawdy where u steal that hot box from?
by lybra September 03, 2007
Using a jar or cup to enclose a bug of sorts, only then to blow smoke into the containment area.
That spider was having seizures after Josh hot boxed it in his mug.
by Graav May 25, 2006
To be greedy on a shared smoke and hit it so hard it ruins it for the next person.
Girl lights up a cigarette between class and offers me a drag. "Please don't hotbox it" she says "I hate it when people do that"
by Willydog February 14, 2005
The act of having sexual intercourse extremely fast as to start a fire with the penis in the vagina.
Emily "wow I want to get nailed!!"
Damien "How about we hot box that vagina of yours"
by Peter Liberty January 28, 2007
to drag on a cigar so frequently or rapidly that it starts to burn down one side
Stop smoking that cigar so hard, you are hot boxing it!
by Karl Edmark July 18, 2006