a device used to test the purity of cocaine by heating a small rock and determining the temperature at which it melts.
In the movie "blow" they use a hotbox and discover that the melting point of the cocaine is 180 degreese (VERY good cocaine)
by CnDpUG May 27, 2005
noun, railroading term for an end bearing on a axle which has become extremely hot due to lack of lubrication.
A hot box is often the cause of a derailment (the train coming off the tracks)
by Jake February 03, 2004
To smoke a cigarette quickly enough to extend the cherry (lit part) beyond resonable ash-ability.
She hotboxed her smoke so much that the entire cherry fell off when she ashed.
by Imp Teaser November 01, 2011
When you throw up in your mouth. the act of getting sick, throwing up but instead of letting the liquid purge out of your mouth, you swallow it, causing extreme heart burn.
I just hot boxed it.
by heather109697 June 26, 2007
When two people are in bed together and one of the two farts under the covers. The farter then pulls the covers over the others head and traps them with the stinky fart.
My girlfriend freaked out the other morning when I gave her a hot box.
by poopsteak October 15, 2004
Farting in a car after the windows are closed and the heat is turned on.
My girlfriend almost passed out after I hot boxed her.
by wiz-lo September 17, 2004
a vagina
I would like to blast a load in that girls hot box.
by tony g November 21, 2003

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