To do or act in a way that brings attention to you or a group.
He is acting mad suspicious, what a hot box.
by craack August 17, 2010
A retail store in Denham Springs, Louisiana that sells smoking accessories and adult novelties. It is the only store of it's kind in Livingston Parish. They also have much better prices on glass pipes than any similar store in the surrounding parishes.
FUCK! I dropped my pipe. Guess I'm gonna save some time and money and head to Hot Box to get a new one.
by July 16, 2012
The act of the male placing his buttocks against a females vagina with simultaneous exchange of gases.
Scissors-like position with queef and farting at the same time. "I am totally in mood to hotbox!" "Oh, honey! It has been way to long since we've hotboxed." "Will you please hotbox with me?" "I love your hotbox technique."
by someyumbum July 23, 2013
To preserve or sustain Marijuana or Cannibus smoke while closely and firmly united or packed together, occupying little space with others

All seven of us was hot boxing Bob's tiny closet.
by Rhythmjunkie March 01, 2007
The administration of illicit substances through the vaginal (or anal) cavities. Mainly powdered or liquid drugs that will be absorbed through the mucosal membrane.

The pros of this method include rapid response and a relatively painless delivery.
I couldnt even tell she was a meth head-she's been hot boxing!
by Clitoral hoodrat August 20, 2010
Waiting until there is at least 4 people in an elevator (including you) and releasing a very dry fart
I just came out of the elevator and someone hot box'd me
by Drewsuf33 July 09, 2011
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