1)to smoke inside of a car (syn. to "bake out"- in the context of car or vehicle)
2)to cup the outter leaf of a dutch (or blunt) in ones hands and blow to loosen up the leaf for rolling
1) Bro lets hotbox this shit. (in a car)
2) Yo man can you hot box this leaf while I fill up the blunt.
#bake out #smoke #weed #blunt #toast
by Hose-A August 02, 2007
Another name for the Vaginal area.
" The girls Hot-box is nice
#hot box #vagina #va j j #soup #arm sona
by Papi Rowe February 27, 2008
a fine piece of pussy
"That bitch has a smoking hot box."
#pussy #box #vagina #cunt #hole
by wbates_6 October 17, 2007
A hot box is a container made of certain materials, like lead, to contain radioactive elements and materials. This keeps the radiation inside, and you stay safe. Though, no enclosure and completely stop any radiation, and other safety precautions are a must when near or handling the hot box.
I have some 241-Americium I found in a smoke detector in my hot box.
#hot box #radiation #americium #nuclear #radioactive #lead #container
by Kenneth Anderson October 08, 2006
When you take a dump in a small enclosed bathroom and then leave without spraying any air freshener or lighting a match or anything.
Oh god. I think that chick hot boxed our bathroom while we were gone.
#hot #box #dump #poop #shit
by Chance13 February 01, 2007
Smokin' weed in a car
Joe: you wanna get blazed?
Tom: Hells yea lets hot box the ride!
#stoned #high #lifted #blazed #smashed
by sam89b June 01, 2006
To smoke a cigarette extremely fast. Inhale smoke, exhale smoke, take another drag and inhale more. ect ect
Dayum you hot boxin that ciggerate arent ya?
by Ryan August 15, 2004
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