The title earned for giving oral sex to a woman on her period, while she is having digestive issues due to spicy food.
I earned my Hot Wings last night. Indian food is probably not the best first date choice.
by JasonHSeattle February 02, 2011
1. Half-retarted canadian who bags bagged milk.

2. Someone whos video game skills is compared to utter shit. A.K.A worst paladin evar.
"Dude hotwing got owned by keto!"
by Dukefan69 June 08, 2009
When A Female Is On Her Period A Man/Woman Puts Ranch Dressing On Her Vagina And Eats Her Vagina Out.
How You Would Eat Hot Wings Is With Ranch Her Blood Is The Hot Sauce Like On The Hot Wings.
Guy:Guess What I Did To My Girl Last Night In Bed.
Guy's Friend: What?
Guy: I Did Hot Wings On Her.
Guy's Friend:Ew!
by D&L Baby!!! September 21, 2010
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