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Any male person that makes your loins roar with hunger.
Your husband? Your boyfreind? the guy across the street who brandishes his rock hard abs to water the peonies!!!
by looopyylydia August 12, 2005
283 112
The type of person that did NOT write the other definition.
i.e. a good-looking male
Skye and Cassidy, stop writing definitions praising yourselves, bitches. You'll never get any hot guys.
by connecticutisthebeststate June 13, 2010
95 23
A gorgeous guy who has a dick I want to ride on until I die.
Girl #1: Damn! Who's that hot guy over there?
Girl #2: I don't know. All I know is that I wanna bang his brains out.
Girl #1: Exactly what I was thinking!
*two girls high five each other*
by xohollisterbabexo February 18, 2010
22 4
someone i really want to fuck, eg billie joe or mike or tre from the hot band green day.
wow that tre is one hot guy and i'd give anything fuck him
by a TRUE green day fan November 24, 2004
76 112
a hot guy is a guy who has a sweet personality a nice smile and dosent cheat and also dose extreme sports
jock= not hot
Extreme sport= hott
by lindsay June 19, 2004
78 122
sum1 like arjun, who looks good and is really sweet. often hot guys are tanned, muscled and damn sexy!!! (that dude isnt that perfect)
oh my god, he is like totally hot!!!
by HI!°~* March 15, 2004
38 86
a guy with long hair, eyeliner, and skinny jeans often called emo butt labels are for fags
for an example he looks like andy sixx, oli sykes, pete wentz,
emo=hot guy
48 115