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Any male person that makes your loins roar with hunger.
Your husband? Your boyfreind? the guy across the street who brandishes his rock hard abs to water the peonies!!!
by looopyylydia August 12, 2005
Something I will never have at this rate. Once you reach 18 without ever being kissed you are pretty much on the "old spinster" mailing list. And we all know mailing lists define our true selves.
I wish I could have a real person to breakup with so i wouldnt have to keep making up stories about ex boyfreinds that dont exist.
by looopyylydia August 12, 2005
a large parasitic worm living off 50% of what would be an all-female population.
Men are just ugly women with penises.
by looopyylydia August 12, 2005
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