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Another word used for vagina. Hot pie is a more kinky way to say vagina. The vagina can also be called a pussy, flaps, cunt and gash etc.
I licked your mum's hot pie. It was lovely.
by JamesBrown69 November 16, 2014
Is when you heat up your penis in front of a heater for an hour, then do anal with someone and cum inside their poop hole
Guy 1: Gave the Missus a Hot Pie last night, she loved it!
Guy 2: I wish mine would let me give her a Hot Pie
by Helloeverybody99 July 06, 2016
this is a term of endearmeant given to a tall boy, who calls you a c.p.

hence it is more of a retaliatory term

if u call this person a "hot pie" too many times, and too loosely, you tend to forget their name
be warned

there is also a "hot pie" song, which you would sing in the shower;
'hot pie, hot pie hot hot pie, hot pie, hit pie'

the commas point out the times you should breathe, in between repititions.
hot pie, can u please stroke my hair?

i love you, hot pie.

where are my pants, h.p.?

bye, hot pie!
by natchy August 13, 2006
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