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(n.) the basic food source of all fat maxicans. you can tell an addicted vato by the signature red stains on the fingers, lips, and sleeves.
yo couse. go down to tha cowna sto an buy me sum hot cheetos widt this 25 cent.
by joe shmoe February 26, 2003
35 51
Probably the most addicting snack that you will ever eat.

Your fingers will be red for the rest of the day, the crumbs under your fingernails are gonna be a bitch to remove, there might be a red line on your bottom lip, but you won't care, you won't care.
The limon hot cheetos will kill you.
by f00k dat January 20, 2007
462 46
The best food/snack/source of pleasure in the world.
by exhaze August 23, 2004
290 75
A food that makes your lips red, your fingers red, your tongue red and occasionally, your poop.
Person 1: "Hey those are my hot cheetos! I`ve caught you red-handed.. literally!"
Hahahahaha.. no.
by iHateEmos June 14, 2007
291 80
VERY ADDICTIVE cheetos.....usually know as hot chips,cheetos,flaming hot cheetos...BELEIVE ME THEY ARE VERY ADDICTIVE.....I havent been able to stop eating them for about 6 yrs.
damm i need to stop eating hot cheetos!! doctord orders
by COUldnthnkof123 January 12, 2006
264 72
the best kind of snack on this planet that black people love with a side of nacho cheese
Yo Tyrone, hook a nigga up wid sum cheeze i got da hot cheetos
by Joe Tamalis November 02, 2007
164 91
Those hot chips that turn everything red (even your poop) that you can eat with everything and it's hella good.


Take a plain bagel and toast it lightly
Take plain cream cheese and put a lot of it on the bagel
Put a lot of hot cheetos on one side, put a single layer on the other.

Smash the sides together and what do you have?
Denaynay: I want some hot cheetos and cream cheese
Jonqueesha: Man, just slap em on a bagel!
by MONiKAA November 12, 2009
73 36
When a guy has sex with a girl whose on her period and isnt told. And when he pulls out his dick is bloody.
Did you hear Matt got a Hot Cheeto from Kelsey.
by Kejoko August 21, 2013
6 4