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13 definitions by joe shmoe

The shnazzy music that plays in elevators, supermarkets, cheep family restaurants, amusement park lines, and the YMCA's men locker room. Useually jazz or clasical.
*muffled* doo doo di doo doopidy doo.
by joe shmoe February 28, 2003
109 12
a term in persian for pussy
Your mom's cos is so hairy that it looks like a jungle.
by joe shmoe February 16, 2004
136 97
keyboard and accordion player for Brooklyn, NY based cabaret punk band the World/Inferno Friendship Society.
Franz replaced previous keyboard player nicknamed Pearl. he is the bands first accordion player.
by joe shmoe March 18, 2005
8 1
poor-man's cable.
kid: dad im tired of fox, abc, nbc, cbs, upn, and the w-b. can we get cable?
father: no son, just turn on the uhf.
by joe shmoe October 31, 2003
21 17
a little skinny radioactive jap bastard with over 3 gigabites of hardcore porn on his comp.
Toji masturbates incessantly
by joe shmoe February 26, 2003
12 8
A place on the net to go to when you have too mutch time and/or money.
i bought 6 dozzen glitter sticky hands on ebay.
by joe shmoe July 15, 2003
15 12
The most telivised ganmbling event of the year. Celebrated nation-wide with bigscreens, 40's, and greasy snack foods.
Aww crap, thats the 3rd year in a row my team lost the superbowl.
by joe shmoe January 31, 2004
33 31